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DR Fish Fertilizer Products and "Biological Packages"

There is a common misconception that unhealthy plants and poor yields are direct result of pests, disease or other external factors. Actually, those are not always the problem, but can be a symptom of unhealthy soil. Introducing biological products will help condition the soil and restore natural balance.

The soil is a digestive system. When you apply fertilizers and minerals to the soil , the microbes are the "worker bees" that process what you have just applied and deliver it to your future crop. If the microbes and fungi are not working at full capacity, the nutrients you've just added may not get to your crop.

All our products are certified or NOP listed. They can be used for organic, sustainable or conventional crop production.

NEW! Biological Products from Tainio

In our current farming practices, we sometimes destroy or reduce our beneficial soil bacteria and fungi by tilling for example, which exposes these organisms to the sun and elements. We can reintroduce biological components back into the soil. Innoculants, compost digesters, foliar fertilizers, enzymes and bioremediation products are offered by Tainio and now DR Fish Fertilizer. See Taino website for more info. >>

AgriEnergy Resources for Practical Profitable and Environmentally Friendly products

IN STOCK: SP-1 – A liquid product that is a blend of microbial products formulated to supply the greatest diversity of bacteria, fungi, algae, enzymes, carbon substrates, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support the growth of microbial life. Works very well with the fish we carry. It super charges the microbial activity in both products. AgriEnergy resources carry numerous products for biological, organic, or conventional farming. See AgriEnergy website for more info or call us.

Residuce is an organic water soluble, biological product. When used with some of the products below, such as 1.6 OZ of Residuce per acre, with Drammatic ONE fish and SP-1, a nitrogen source and Humate, residue will break down biologically. This builds organic matter from residue and utilizes more of trace minerals for next year’s crop. One pound of Residuce bacteria will cover 10 acres. They also improve "Crop Residue Management" by providing bacteria, fungi, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, trace elements to build organic matter. This product is designed to be used on crops that have high amounts of residue after harvest. Studies have shown that when 70 bushels of wheat is produced, the straw residue contains 45lbs of nitrogen, 22lbs of phosphate, 110lbs of potassium, and 500lbs of calcium. So why not utilize this already-paid-for-residue to nourish next year’s crop?

Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

16-0-0 Allganic Nitrogen, a natural nitrate of soda (Chilean nitrate) DRY Prills. OMRI listed. Check with your organic certifier before use.

New Blend! Drammatic "ONE" 4-4-.5 OMRI listed contains:
Pure liquid fish hydrolysate stabilized with phosphoric acid
Three species of Kelp
Drammatic Energizer composed of humic acid and fulvic acid
Chilean Nitrate
See Dramm website for more details.

Micromate (humate), from Mesa Verde Resources, an all natural stimulator for growth and development of plants. Humate provides humic/fulvic acids plus the important humin (carbon) faction. Our product is 15 microns in size, which resembles "black flour" and is easily distributed by water and quickly taken up by plants. On our farm it has helped us meet most of our macro-micro mineral needs.

Why we use and distribute these products

  • Improves nutritional value of our food for better personal health
  • Makes healthier forage for your livestock
  • Makes the soil healthier and better able to support life
  • Increases crop yields
  • Helps our neighbors enjoy the same benefits when we have the products they need

We do not ship our products or supply containers. You must bring your own containers and pickup at our site.